About Us

The people behind the blog…


We are two fabulous people who met in our early 20’s on a little rock in the middle of the Great Lakes during the summer of 2008. For those of you unfamiliar with this rock, we call it Mackinac Island in Michigan. I was from Pennsylvania spending my second summer on the island and Adam was from Michigan spending his first summer on the island. We met, fell in love, and never looked back. We were one part nomad and the other part college students. We spent summers traveling, living in different states, and exploring our country’s backyards aka National Parks. We lived across the country, in the Southwest desert in Arizona along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We lived in the Northeast corner of the country in Maine, where the mountains and ocean meet in Acadia National Park. We were masters at packing up one day and unpacking the next. We learned to adapt quickly to the different climates, housing, roommates, and jobs that it became almost second nature. But then the inevitable happened; college ended, careers developed, marriage happened, and alas our traveling days came to a near standstill. But, here we are. We have been together nearly eight years and married four of those. We have three dogs that have joined us for the ride.


Sarcasm may or may not be my most fluent language, along with quick wit. You either love it or hate it, but I happen to love it. I am a Communications major finishing up my Bachelor’s degree (5 year breaks are ROUGH!). I am also the writer and creator of this blog. You will most likely find me with my head stuck in the clouds, highly anxious, making lists of places I’d love to see, people I’d love to meet, and things I’d love to conquer. I’m the spearhead of our travels and planning is practically my middle name (before Sarcasm of course, not to confuse you). My work flow is the glamorous job of being a retail cashier for a home good store. I mean, does it GET more glamorous than that! I am a recently converted gluten-free, dairy free, insulin resistant, chronically fatigued autoimmune disease patient beating Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease booty. I struggle with the urge to put down the ice cream and step away from the dinner rolls.

Adam (the husband)

He is a Systems Engineer for the Advance Central Services with a Bachelor’s in Computer Networking and & System Admin (CNSA). That means he’s the go to guy for most things IT at his job and well, my family (those printers never seem to be able to fix themselves amiright?). Adam is also the person who sets up my blog, created my logo, and does anything I need because I’m computer-dumb. He is the realist who I sometimes coax into coming to the dark side of day dreaming about our future. He’s a bit of a neat freak, which is WONDERFUL because I just so happen to be a dirty freak (hey, someone has to tame that mess). He loves water and is practically a fish. He would spend everyday in the water if he could.

This is not a blog with parenting advice (sorry, no children here! We are in no rush), home improvements (we rent!), decorating (who has the money for that?), or fashion (unless you count the articles in my closet from 7 years ago). This blog is about is our dates, day-to-day life stories/events, and our dream of traveling the world while navigating through this thing called marriage. Our goal is to live life the way we want to and see as much of the world as we can, side by side. Join us for the ride!