Rock Garden in Somerset, New Jersey

Usually I’m the planner because I love researching and planning things, but this time Adam took the reigns. He found a rock garden in Somerset, New Jersey called the Leonard J. Buck Garden. It’s about an hour and a half away from where we live. It has a nice Azalea Field, gazebo, and mire. So Adam packed up food for us to have a picnic and we left to go see the gardens. 

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Pennsylvania Parks: A Day at Big Pocono State Park

What better way to end a day out with one of your closest friends, than to spend it taking in one of the best views of the Poconos from the Big Pocono State Park?

During the summer, you know, that season that occurred a few short months ago (I am very behind, I realize this. Moving on…), my friend Jody and I decided to go to the one of the nearest Pennsylvania state parks, Big Pocono State Park. I have hiked up to the peak of this particular park when I was young and I took Adam there in the fall, but this was my friend’s first time there. It really was a beautiful, clear, allergy filled visit! Continue reading

One Hell of a Night with Chris Brown

We might be a litttleeee behind in the blog world. Blame it on college! Time to play catch  up! Oh and please forgive me for my amazing quality photography at this concert! I only took my phone.

Right before our trip to St. Martin and right after we went waterfall rappelling (I changed our July date TO waterfall rappelling) I found out Chris Brown would be coming to my area. Chris Brown? I love his music. While he may do some questionable things (as does many other celebrities), his music could make nearly anyone wanna get up and boogy. I just had to see him live!

So, after our trip to St. Martin, we went to Camden, New Jersey to see Chris Brown in the flesh. This was Adam’s first concert ever. The featuring artists were Fetty Wap, Omarion, Kid Ink, and Teyana Taylor. 

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Moving to the Grand Canyon

About this time six years ago we decided to up and move to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for the summer. We landed jobs at one of the local concessions that gave us housing and we were off. We Adam drove (I slept uncomfortably in the front seat) for three days from Pennsylvania, to Michigan, to the Grand Canyon. 
There’s this ongoing joke that we have. Normally, if we drive to the gas station five minutes away I’m wide awake. However, if we are doing a long drive that’s more than a half an hour long I’m asleep by the time we get to the gas station…five minutes away. You see, I’ve been trained. Trained to sleep during long car rides. From our vacations to Michigan and to Florida (hell, even New Jersey), long car rides meant time to go to sleep. And when sleep is calling your name, you give in. 
So, as you might have already guessed. We were driving three days, across country. That’s it. I was out. I did manage to wake up a few times when Adam would shake my arm and tell me to look at something he thought was cool, but after that…back to sleep I went. 

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Vernon Midweek Getaway: Festivities

Let’s be honest. There was not much to do in Vernon, but we did end up finding a few fun and memorable things.

The second day we were there we ended up going to one of my favorite places to go ever. Candy Shops! Ever since working at Rocky Mountain & Joann’s I have a love for anything chocolate, caramel apples, and candy. This place did not disappoint.

Whenever I see caramel apples I always feel the need to tell them about my caramel-apple-making-experience. 

See, me stirring caramel for the apples:

Then comes the standard drill: What kind of apples do you use? What kind of caramel do you use? Do you make them here? What toppings do you have? Do you use a pot to heat the caramel or do you microwave them? I MUST know and not for the sake of cravings…I have an apple allergy. I just have to know for comparison sake!

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