12 Months of Dates – October: Adventure Ropes Course

For the month of October, I decided we take our date to new heights. For this date I decided to push my anxiety to a whole new level and surprise Adam with a date to…

Blue Mountain Ski Summit Aerial Park High Ropes Course for two!  This definitely was a new way to test my anxiety and my level of balance WHILE trying to maneuver the course. These tickets typically cost roughly $50 per person.  I purchased these tickets for two at $49 total from Groupon. 
We waited until the absolute last weekend to try the course due to cold temperatures and rain:

Blue has three different difficulty levels: Easy, Moderate, and Hard. It’s funny how horribly difficult I thought the Easy level was until I was in the middle of the Hard one at a standstill because I could not figure out one part of the course.

I might be scared of heights or I might be scared of falling. I have yet to discover which one it is. 

Never a dull moment with Adam around…

It’s interesting how different Adam and I maneuver our way through the course. Adam is more of a trial and error as he is getting across through each different section of the course. I stand there before I even begin my turn to think. I question everything. I ask him how he did it, if he could do it again how would he have done it, what would have worked best, etc. My head hurt by the end of the three ropes courses from trying to figure out each section before I even started it/.

We went quickly from one course to another without a break in between besides waiting in line at the beginning. It’s amazing what you do when you’re absolutely scared. I, for example choose to be witty and have a ton of comebacks stored in my brain when I am in panic mode. Somehow word vomit just spews from my mouth at an uncontrollable rate.

Later that day I was all talked out and the next day my body was feeling it. I was sore in places that have not been sore in awhile and places I did not know exists. 

This was definitely one of my favorite dates this year! It was so much fun and as much as I said I would not do it again I probably would…at another place just to get a different experience. 

I mean, at least I didn’t crash into a waterfall like I did while waterfall rappelling, right? A little soreness never hurt anyone, did it?

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