On Top of Marigot in Fort Louis

 As much as St. Martin is known for it’s beaches, it should also be known for it’s views. Pic du Paradis, Fort Louis, and Fort Amsterdam offer amazing expansive views! On clear days you get a glimpse of Saba (The Unspoiled Queen), Anguilla, and St. Barth’s from various locations on the island. We love places that are rich in history with amazing views and this one definitely offers both!

To get to the fort we parked at a nearby church, walked up a hill (only to find more empty parking spots, damn it), and proceeded to climb severallll steep steps. 

As we were walking up the many steps to see the fort we came across a family walking down, looking very sweaty, hot, and exhausted. They look at us and exclaim that despite all of these steps, “it’s worth it.” Dear Lord, after seeing how exhausted they looked just from walking down the steps, I hope so…for our sake. 

The steps were steep and we are slightly out of shape, if you recallAlong the way we got to take a few breaks and see this view:

In an effort to hide how much we looked like the family who we had just spoken to and needed a break direly, we pulled out our cameras. It helped us to look a little bit less pathetic about our exhaustion. BUT, let met tell you. There are worse things that you can look at.

What is a fort without some history?

Fort Louis was built in 1798 on the French side of the island, overlooking Marigot Bay, as well as neighboring island, Anguilla. Fort Louis was built for the king of France from the order of the governor, Jean Sebastian de Durant. The fort was used to defend the warehouses within the harbor, where they stored coffee, sugar cane, and various other goods.

The fort was abandoned, restored, and abandoned once again. During the 19th century, a battle between the French and English took place at Fort Louis. The English used to come from Anguilla and raid the warehouses for the goods they were trying to defend. 

The fort is currently in the process of another restoration and renovation to restore it back to it’s former glory!
Now, during the summer the fort is usually swarmed with tourists who arrive on cruise ships. On this day, however, we were practically the only ones at the fort. That is practically heaven to me, since I won’t have to dodge a million tourists just to get a good view.

Seen from the photo below is Marigot. Margot is the capital of St. Martin and is located on the French side of the island.

This is the Fort Louis Marina:

There was an old shipwreck out in the water that only a few minutes later were swarming with individuals on jet skis.

The way I see it, you can never have too many selfies in paradise!

And for those of you who were wondering; we did, in fact look like that family we encountered on the way up to the fort… sweat, hot, exhaustion and all!

Do you enjoy history as much as we do? What are your favorite historical sites to visit?

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