12 Months of Dates – May: Acrylic Painting Class

For the month of April May, we did something a little bit different than we have been for our 12 Months of Dates. Adam opened he envelope and found out that for my date idea for this month, we will be…

Testing out our artistic skills (or lack of in my case) by attending an acrylic painting class. I got a great deal on Groupon for $17 each. They usually run about $34 each normally, but don’t quote me on that. This was a great date idea and deal, so I jumped on it.

This date idea is a little bit difficult for me because I’m not an artist. Not even close. I can barely make stick figures. And bubble letters? Get real. I’m terrible. Most kindergarten students are more impressive than I am, but I figured I could pick up on some tricks on May’s 12 Months of Dates to better my ever-failing craft. 

Adam on the other hand possesses most of the artistic skills in the family.  He actually enjoys art and has taken art classes before. I, on the other hand used art class as an easy A and to to nap through daily. Obviously this month’s 12 Months of Dates was going to be easy for me. This is definitely the perfect date idea for someone who is artistic and loves to paint.

This is the painting I selected for us to paint when booking our date:

So milkshakes in hand (you know, the thing I was supposed to give up 5 weeks ago? Yeah, about that…) we arrived at the studio for our painting class.

And clearly I dressed for our date to match the sign!

Here were our fabulous spots with our blank canvases to create our “masterpieces.”

We were given stencils to draw the shapes of the 3 bigger flowers before painting with acrylic:

And then you freehand the stems, leaves, and anything else. 
This one was Adam’s:

It was obvious a great date idea for Adam. Here’s mine:

And…not so much for me lol.

Then came the “fun part.” We started painting. We started with one color and then just started laying on texture, darker colors to add depth, and lighter colors highlight.

Ignore my “at risk chin” as Amy Schumer politely calls it:

I kept falling behind because I am too much of a perfectionist to actually try to keep up and about halfway through I gave up. At least, that’s the story I’m going with. 

The final result of our art. 


I know what you are all thinking: mine is gorgeous. And thank you for such a kind remark, but I’m sorry. You are all wrong. Adam’s is just a smidgen better than mine. I knew walking into it that it would be better (remember? stick figures, bubble letters?). In fact, I very subtly kept whispering to him during the class not to eff it up, so that we had SOMETHING to hang in our apartment. Subtlety is my best quality. 

We just hung up both on our wall in the dinning room.
Have you ever taken an art class? Did you enjoy it?
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