Moving to Acadia National Park

So, last week was my Flashback Friday post about moving to the Grand Canyon. This week’s Flashback Friday is about moving to Acadia. Coincidence? I think not. We always moved to our summer jobs practically the same time each year. And around this time my friends, we also packed up our crap and made our way up north to Maine!

Unlike our move to the Grand Canyon, there was no cross country trip needed (no ghost towns on the “scenic” route), no one-billion stops for gas or the bathroom, and certainly no hotels were needed. Roughly 10 hours of driving and we were there. 

For some reason I don’t remember much of this trip. It could be because of my habit to sleep during long car rides, but who is to say? We left Pencil-vain-eye-aye (as Adam’s mother LOVES to pronounce it) in shorts and tank tops, sweating profusely, dying from the sun blinding us and ended up in Acadia freezing, humid, and gloomy. What did we get ourselves into?!

The first 24 hours we were there we did quite a bit of hiking. We started off with the 5 mile Jordan Pond Trail. This was practically in the backyard of our dorm:

That building on the right was my job for the summer, Jordan Pond Gift Shop. It was literally a 5 minute walk to work everyday.

We hiked North Bubble in order to find Bubble Rock (it’s actually located on South Bubble mountain. Also, there was a big sign saying where Bubble Rock is, which had to have been put up during our hike because we did not see it.)

After hiking North Bubble we hiked the Beehive. What did I say? We hiked a LOT.

This was the last view we saw on the Beehive. How can you not fall in love with a place that looks like THIS?

This easily became one of our favorite summers. I mean, is it even a question? Have you visited Maine? What towns did you explore? 

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