Hoping for Rain After the Urban Street Art Festival

 Finallyyyy a festival that did not fail me miserably. It may or may not be because it had nothing to do with those dreaded Cherry Blossoms, but we will keep that on the DL (down-low for those of you who don’t know the lingo). 
Last week I started a new job in retail as a cashier. Not something that I’m terribly excited about, BUT a girl needs to pay off credit card bills…or so they say. The one perk that I’m excited for is the discounts, forget the paycheck. Seasonal sections, nautical decor, holidays, home furnishing = love (note: Adam is already shaking his head at the amount of things I mentioned are “super cute” while checking out customers). I already have a specific place and purpose for everything I have eyed. The downfall is that my weekends will most likely be consumed with standing inside, ringing up customer’s orders, and enjoying the beautiful weather from…a sliding glass door while hearing how beautiful today is. What can I say? I’m living the dream!

This Saturday I got to run away and escape take a trip to Bethlehem for an hour or so and cram in some play time before going into work. We went to the very FIRST Urban Street Art Festival in Bethlehem. Yes, you read that right, this festival is brand-spankin new and…wait for it. FREE! It coincided with the annual Spring on Fourth! What’s on Third? Festival. But, less about the spring festival and more on the street art festival.
We ended up having to scour the area for parking because apparently the annual chili sampling in the spring festival is a BIG DEAL. Big deal as in, people buy chili passports so they can go through and sample all of the chili in the land. Busy streets, bands playing in empty parking lots, and tables with chili were all over the sidewalks. We found our way to the Banana Factory parking lot. That’s where the magic happened. 
It is any art-challenged person’s dream (and I guess artistic person’s). Oh the things I would do if I was artistic. You get to witness the artists at work and in their element. Some artists started when we got there and some started earlier in the day. There were chalk artists, graffiti artists, skateboarding, painters, face and body painting, break dancers, sculptors, tarot card reading, and more. It somehow managed to exceed any expectations we had for it. Probably because it had nothing to do with cherry blossoms. 
I really wanted to see the break dancers and body painters, but none were around when we were there. We kept circling the parking lot like a hawk circling it’s prey looking for the break dancers, but alas. None were found. We continued on and took in some of the art.
There was an artist by the name of Trisha Mae Studios that drew two owls using chalk. We came into the festival near the end of her work though, so we did not get to see the beginning process.:
There was another chalk piece by Florida based chalk artist, Jennifer Chaparro. A 3-D piece of steel bananas:

There was also graffiti art by Max Meano:

A picture of Obama, created by Christopher Kosztzo. Clearly Obama is doing what he does best in this painting. I’m sure my mother-in-law would have to agree.:

Artist Virginia Abbott was creating artwork while she had her Mona Lisa piece on display:
As we made our 50th lap around the parking lot there were a bunch of girls from the roller derby team doing laps around a designated area. ArtsQuest’s glass studio craftsmen came out in roller-blades to join the girls by pulling hot glass while skating. The stretched hot glass would later be turned into drinking glasses:
After about an hour, the time had come. I had to hope for rain (I mean, who wants to work inside, on the weekend on a NICE day) and get ready for work. Here’s hoping that next year’s festival is just as good, if not BETTER than this years.

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