12 Months of Dates – February: Part 1 Painting the Snow

 As some of you may have seen in the previous post, I gave Adam a Christmas gift of 12 pre-planned, semi-prepaid gifts. One for each month of the year. February 1st Adam opened up this month’s date idea…

We had planned to do this date weeks ago, but the snow kept almost completely melting away, below zero temperatures not including windchill, and just wacky weather delayed us.

So we went out yesterday in the middle of the snow storm to a local park to paint the snow! I found the idea on this site, which is intended to be done with your children, BUT I figured we are big kids at heart! As of late (more like, as of the past few winters) we try to hibernate during winter rather than embrace it. This would be a perfect opportunity to catch hypothermia!

We went ahead and purchased the food coloring and squeeze bottles (found in the candy section at a craft store). Adam wanted to go all out and use water guns, so we bought cheap ones from Walmart and then set out for the adventure.

And then it began…
I don’t think we actually made any masterpieces, but mostly scribbles in the snow.

We had such a good time running around shooting the water guns and just messing up the pretty snow.

Part 2 of February’s date will be coming shortly with Love’s Laboratory!

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