We Interrupt this Regular Programming for….

We are officially a two car family!

So, I We haven’t had much to say lately. Mainly because I am seriously exhausted on a daily basis! I’ve been waiting for a day to feel up to it to actually post about this. Between my thyroid (I feel like I can NEVER get enough sleep), waking up early (never was a morning person), and working full time it’s been taking me a long time to adjust to this new job. There are not enough hours in the day for sleep. That’s all I’m gonna say.

For those of you who don’t know (and there are many I’m sure) Adam and I shared a car since I got my drivers license. I was working my part time job 30 minutes away and Adam was having to travel to NJ for his job. Since I needed that car he ended up being allowed to expense a car. Rental cars and gas on works dime? Sure! Why not?!
Well, turns out come September he can no longer expense a car. Then I got this full-time job working the same shifts as Adam. So I sat down, crunched some numbers and then decided we could afford the car with my new salary. Off we went to car dealers to look for some cars.

We went to Ford and I tried out a Focus. Let’s not go there. The sales person was the most uncomfortable person ever. He should have been a dentist. It felt like a death trap. Super tight steering and super tight breaks. Nexttttttt please! Then we went the same day to the Mazda dealer. I tried out the Touring Series of the Mazda 3. I loved it immediately. It drove just like the Corolla, so I was completely comfortable instantly. It also had more horsepower (something the Corolla lacked), which I wanted for trying to merge on highways. We left to go home, test some more cars later on, and think about it.
We tried out a Mitsubishi Lancer. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. Only good thing was the price tag and the warranty that came along with it. We left to go try the Mazda again since that was my top choice, but they were closed.

I went out again another weekend and test drove a Subaru Impreza. I wanted to love it with everything inside me. The dealer was wonderful, the idea of the 4 wheel drive was amazing for winter. He was willing to lower prices and work things out for us, but I couldn’t handle the difference in the way the Impreza drove to the Corolla. I have only driven the Corolla.

Back we went to the Mazda dealer for another test drive. I always went back to this car being the best one I drove, so we wanted to officially seal the deal and make sure that it was amazing as ever. And it was.

So we put a ring on it…err bought it and signed the dotted lines! I left with a black Mazda 3 Sports Series. 


We are officially a two car family and LOVING it!

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