My Love for All Things Mascot…

Here is a little tidbit about myself: one of my most favorite things EVER are mascots. What am I five years old? Might as well be! Disney? Chick-fil-a? Sports Games? Amusement Parks? Anything, you name it. I’m all over it. I love mascots!

I get it! They aren’t real. They are people dressed as characters to entertain children so that they do not get bored and to give out lots of hugs. Nothing about them is real. Still, I love it. In fact, I like to go as far as to think that it is the character and not a person in there. FeFe is kissing a kid on the head and you get an instant “oh my godddd FeFe is so cute! Look at her kissing that baby!!!” No, there’s not person in that costume. It’s FeFe. 100% FeFe.

At the suite last year I really bonded and connected with one of the mascots, FeFe. Here I was sitting outside the suite “watching” the game (because Lord knows, I never really watch the game) and then sweet little FeFe came rolling in. No really…she was on a tricycle. She waved me over to her, we embraced, and she gave me a kiss. Obviously I had to take a picture with her. I needed to commemorate this moment. It was like a match made in iron piggy heaven….

Unfortunately, I don’t think she remembers me. I witnessed her shaking her fanny in some guys face at the last game a few rows in front of me. Awkwardd…..clearly the love we had was not mutual.

Here’s me and FeFe. I really hope there was a girl underneath that costume. A guy kissing me on the cheek and hugging me might just be a little weird….or is it weird that I’m HOPING FeFe was a girl after all. That’s debatable.

Let’s be frank here. I don’t care about the team. I don’t care about the players. I don’t care about the score. I don’t really even care about the view (the closer we are means more balls hitting the face and I am not all about that). What I care about at each and every game is the mascot. Plain and simple.

I’m like a child. I need to constantly be entertained. I need to see two iron pigs on the dugouts dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe. I need to see meaty food chasing one another: 

And I need to see an Iron Pig strolling out on the field with toilet paper attached to his tail:
And this past game was not a disappointment. Being so close to the dugout meant…more opportunities to witness the mascots in action.
And for those who were wondering, I was a mascot ONCE. I hugged the kids, I shook my tail feather, and I nearly died from heat exhaustion:

Please tell me I am not the only mascot obsessed lover!

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