Vernon Mid-Week Getaway: Minerals Resort & Spa

Adam has been “planning” a surprise weekend getaway for us ever since I got my job. The first job that is, back in May. Clearly he’s a few months behind, but who’s keeping track? Now, we aren’t one of those celebratory couples. We never celebrated monthly anniversaries, raises, promotions, new jobs, milestones, etc. We were never that couple, but we are trying to make a conscious effort to become that couple. It’s the little stuff that ultimately become the big stuff or lead into the big stuff. Changes are happening so often that sometimes in order to see them you need to celebrate them when they come around! You all with me?

Anyway, he’s been so busy at work the plans didn’t exactly happen as soon as he wanted. He is also not very good at keeping secrets. I am the hint machine. The conversation usually goes as followed:
Me: Give me one hint
Adam: Okay here it is….
Me: Really? That was your hint? That wasn’t even a good one! Give me another.

Eventually I coax him into enough hints that I “figure” it out. Being in between jobs means a big luxurious vacation was out of the question. Plus a little thing called debt. (Oh hey there credit card bills!) So he scoured Groupon and Living Social for getaways within a few hours from home.

Then he found a Minerals Resort & Spa deal on Groupon. It was a two night minimum stay at a fairly good price. He booked it, we packed, relaxed, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather thunderstorms.

The first day we got there unpacked, walked around the grounds, swam a little bit and then went out to eat dinner.

Now onto the resort:



Now for the very normal embarrassing story. I think EVERYONE is entitled to a few dumb moments every now and again. When I saw the bathroom I was SO excited. Excited beyond belief. I could not contain myself. I hopped into the shower fully dressed to take the picture below. The reason being, there was a shower curtain. For that split second that I was in there I forgot that shower curtains were even invented, or the fact that we do in fact have one in our apartment. I just could not get over the idea of the shower curtain and what a great idea it was. In my head I literally said “oh my god! They should have these everywhere!” And that my friends, is my biggest blonde moment of the vacation.

The view from our room: 

The facility had an indoor track, fitness center, racket ball court, tennis courts, basketball court, 4 indoor hot tubs, one indoor pool, 3 outdoor pools, a sauna, and a steam room. 
This is the 1st of the series from our Midweek Getaway to Vernon, New Jersey. You can see the second post here and the last post here.

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