Vernon Mid-week Getaway: Food

The hardest thing on getaway was not only to find food, but to find GOOD food. We took to Yelp to find places in the area to eat at. The first night there we stayed wanted to eat Italian food. I always see Italian as a safe meal! Clearly, I really need to stop having that idea because that keeps getting me into trouble. To be polite I will not state the restaurant we stayed at, just know I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to eat there. ūüôā¬†

Let me state that Vernon, New Jersey is a very small tourist town. It really reminded me a lot of Tannersville in the Poconos when we first moved there in the mid-90’s. What I learned at this restaurant is that everyone knows everyone, which can be cute and home-y…except for when it’s not. I’m talking a girl running into the restaurant to confront a girl working at the restaurant and trying to start a confrontation right there at the restaurant. Awkward…

Besides that free show, it reminded me a lot of the small town restaurants in Tannersville and quickly reminded Adam of a restaurant in his home town, Mama Cillies. We immediately felt at home until…¬†
The whole time we were waiting for our food and eating we were getting stared at from everyone behind the counter and in the kitchen. They must have smelled it on us that we were not locals. 

We sat down at a booth and they immediately brought out these:

They were front and back:

The list of the menu items went on forever which seemed great until we got our food and tasted it. Maybe they should have shortened it and specialized on certain items to actually taste good.

I’m not sure if they always do this or if it was because the US in the World Cup was on TV. The waitress brought out popcorn with our waters.¬†


 We ordered appetizers/starters first.

Garlic Bread:

You can never go wrong with garlic bread, right? I wish that was the case at this point, I really do. Where was the garlic? It was flavorless garlic with an overkill of oil taste.
Then Adam ordered cheesy breadsticks. He LOVES them from Mama Cillies and even at Little Caesars. 
 This kind of reminded me of the time we tried to make our own cheesy breadsticks at home and it came out bland and inedible. 

Then onto the main course. Adam ordered a lazy lasagna. It had sausage and beef in it. Portion sizes were amazing for the price that we paid. We like good portion sizes: 

¬†After¬†dissecting¬†the lasagna and picking through the meat (he’s not a sausage lover), he was left with the beef. Terrible cuts of beef at that. After taking a few bites into some of the beef and tasting the flavor-less lasagna, he was done. Maybe a little less spices on the plate and more in the food would be a better effort.
I ordered my standard chicken parmesan. That’s my go to meal of choice:
Once again, large servings. Great! Adam doesn’t like his and mine is big enough to share. Now, I’m not trying to be mean and repetitive, but but it was just so bland. Something was missing.

We unanimously agreed that the best part of the meals ended up being the water…or the popcorn. I left the restaurant and went into the car to let him deal with asking for the check. The last thing I wanted to explain was how terrible the food was and they they should just give away the food for free.

The next day for breakfast we went to a restaurant called “The Mixing Bowl,” which was very charming:
The restaurant was cozy, charming, and very small town. I was in love!


Adam ordered the banana nut pancakes with bacon, eggs, and homefries:

Huge pancakes might I add?!

I ordered chocolate chip pancakes with homefries.

The food was SO. GOOD! Seriously, we loved ev-er-y-thing. And we got all of the food for about $21. We couldn’t even finish the pancakes because they were so huge!

I’m just happy that the food was actually good especially since the terrible food we had at dinner the night before.

For Linner (lunch/dinner) we went to Smokey’s Brick Oven Tavern. It was so nice inside. By this point we were kinda over taking pictures and just ate.
The mozzarella sticks were a little weird shaped, but we split them in half and ate them. 
I ordered a sausage pizza.
Adam ordered a blt with waffle fries

The “brick oven” where the food was cooked:

We left here sooo stuffed and the food was amazing! I have picture evidence, but I won’t share it because it is farrrr too embarrassing! Let’s just say I could barely sit up and move. She came over to ask if we wanted dessert and I could barely lift up my arm to tell her no. Good sign!
So glad we got to find good food in Vernon.
Leaving was another story.
The morning we were leaving we went to DD and I wanted a plain bagel toasted with butter. I get it…and it was halfway toasted. He goes back in there. So, they retoast the SAME bagel. So it tasted disgusting and was burnt.¬†
We drive to another DD and I ask for the same thing. New problem. They give me a bagel with butter. Not toasted. We get back in line and they finally get it right. When we go to give them the old bagel back he told us to keep it. Adam is trying to politely tell the guy we don’t want it, but the guy isn’t understanding. So FINALLY I butt in and tell the man “LISTEN, I DON’T WANT THE BAGEL. I ASKED FOR TOASTED WITH BUTTER. This is not what I want!” He responds “I can toast it! I can toast it!” Well, we know how it turned out LAST time we went to DD and they double toasted=burnt bagel with no butter flavor at all. Needless to say we pulled off yelling to him to keep the bagel!¬†
This is the 2nd of the series from our Midweek Getaway to Vernon, New Jersey. You can see the first post here and the last post here.

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