Rock Garden in Somerset, New Jersey

Usually I’m the planner because I love researching and planning things, but this time Adam took the reigns. He found a rock garden in Somerset, New Jersey called the Leonard J. Buck Garden. It’s about an hour and a half away from where we live. It has a nice Azalea Field, gazebo, and mire. So Adam packed up food for us to have a picnic and we left to go see the gardens. 

After a quick pit-stop inside the facility, we walked around the back and followed the trails.

The marsh was really pretty and probably my favorite part of the whole gardens. It reminded me of Acadia at Aunt Betty’s Pond. There were bridges to walk over and we LOVE bridges!

 And with the rain and the marsh came gnats. I don’t really care about gnats, but I’m pretty sure there were like 20 landing at us at a time. A few got swallowed while smiling for pictures. We had to resist the urge to swat every time we were posing for pictures. 
Adam decided to go sit over under this tree under a pretty bench:

Until a bunch of gnats decided to make him dinner. For some odd reason, Adam didn’t like that.

After the marsh we walked around the gardens some more and were ultimately unimpressed. I never thought it would be so….rocky. I know, I know. It’s a rock garden, but still there were supposed to be some flowers. The rain wiped out all of the flower beds, especially in Azalea Field. It wasn’t as nice as we expected, but I have a feeling that it was do to the rain mostly. 
Off to the Azalea Field to see how they look:

No Azaleas in sight, so we kept on walking.
Once we saw all that there was to see we went to have our picnic. It was not as romantic as we planned. They had strict rules of where you can have picnics, so a romantic, blanket picnic in the garden was not on the table. So we went to the picnic tables.
So much for spontaneity.
Here’s our picnic. Watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and sandwiches. 

Afterwards we went to my favorite place ever. Frozen YOGURT! I’m addicted to any place that has frozen yogurt and you can put on your own toppings. If I could have JUST that for 3 meals a day….I would.

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