Waterfalls at the Delaware Water Gap

We had a plan. We need to hike. We haven’t gone hiking in a long time. We’ll pack up the car, take the dogs, and go hiking to see some waterfalls at the Delaware Water Gap in the Poconos. There was one that was on the top of my list: Factory Falls, that I kept seeing pictures over and over again. I grew up in the Poconos, near the Delaware Water Gap, but never got a chance to explore it. 

We put Brady and Harvey in the car, gave them Dramamine 30 minutes before we are going to leave, and hope for the best. You see, Harvey is always car sick. 

Meet Harvey:

Always. It is never a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. He has never been in a car where he has not gotten car sick. This was going to be a long car ride to visit the Poconos. It was about 90 minutes to the Delaware Water Gap, so we had to be prepared. And prepared we were. We put all of our trust in Dramamine, but we had no luck with those mountain roads. We got in our car and headed to the Delaware Water Gap in the Poconos to see the waterfalls and to hike. An hour and a half later we were pulling into our first waterfall and….puke. I couldn’t say I didn’t see it coming. I just hoped Dramamine would be the cure. Cleaned up his mess and went about our business.

We got out to see the first waterfall: Dingman Falls. Hop out of the car, leash the dogs, walk them towards the pathway and “no dogs allowed”. How can dogs not be allowed in the Delaware Water Gap?? The Grand Canyon allows dogs! We are in the middle of the Poconos for goodness sake. I guess we can put them back in the car? It’s okay, crack the window, RUN to the waterfall and come back. They can go out to see the next waterfall. We will be fast!

These were the first waterfalls we seen when we were at the Delaware Water Gap in the Poconos, Silver Thread Falls and Dingman Falls.


After those waterfalls we went headed farther up the Delaware Water Gap and a little further into the Poconos to the one we most wanted to see, Factory Falls. We were gonna take the dogs to this waterfall since it was better and hopefully they would allow dogs. Then the rain came. Well, the dogs don’t hate the rain THAT much.

Once again we get out out of the car, put leashes on the dogs, to take the dogs to see the waterfalls, “no dogs allowed.” Okay, we will be fast. Put the dogs in the car, windows down, run real fast to the waterfall and take them to the next destination in the Poconos.We will find a nice scenic overlook at the Delaware Water Gap where the dogs are allowed to let them get out and stretch a little bit. But we will go first to see the Factory Waterfalls.


There were waterfalls farther down the path:
This reminded us a lot of Acadia. 
We leave the waterfalls with the dogs to go to an overlook and stretch their legs. Overlooks here, however leave much to be desired. In order to see anything you have to hike up and with the rain, two furry beasts, and in getting later, we were not able to. We were thinking it was going to be like previous overlooks where there is a gorgeous sight, we were mistaken. Most just showed highways or showed no views at all. They showed the “gap,” but I came to see views!
The Gap:
It was the speediest waterfall, dog hike ever while we were in the Poconos visiting the Delaware Water Gap. The dogs may not have enjoyed it, but at least we got some pretty pictures, right?

Moral of the story: Make sure dogs are allowed near the waterfalls before making them puke and ride in a car for 90 minutes one way. 

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