Shelf, Shelf, Shelf It Up!

Our walls are bare. BARE I TELL YOU.
I cannot handle it. Sure it makes the room look bigger, but it also looks too naked.
I want pictures. Lots of pictures. Shelves. Life. And did I mention pictures?
Just checking!

So there you have it! Our new space filler:

Final result of the shelves!

She’s looking pretty spiffy I must say. And we are pretty darn proud of how she turned out.
We found a great tutorial from on Pinterest. While I cannot say we followed her tutorial exactly, it did end up looking just as good! We obviously could have gone into more detail on how we did it, but no need! Ana-White says it all.

First things first – Off we went to Home Depot and picked up the materials:

  • two 1”x4”x8’
  • 1”x2”x8’
  • finishing nails
  • screws
  • circular saw (totally optional). We had a worker cut each eight foot pieces into two four foot pieces.

Here are the beginning stages:


Big factor is being diligent in aligning all the seams. These six pieces of wood once completed will form two ledge shelves.


 Helpful Tip #1: Using pieces of wood from the second un-built shelf, prop up the first shelf’s pieces for easier alignment. 

Helpful Tip #2: Pre-drilling the screw holes to help limit any type of splitting that might happen.
Helpful Tip #3: Use a ruler to mark out one inch from the ends and 3/8 of an inch from the sides. Keep it as centered as possible to help with not splitting the wood when the screws are put in.

These images coincide with Helpful tip #3. Measuring off where the screws go.




Like we said earlier, we kinda like to do our own than, so we said screw the building plans and lets do things our way!

We connected the 1×4 by following Helpful Tip #2. We used finishing screws for the 1×2 since they are more visible.




After a coat of white paint, it’s morphing hanging time.

Helpful Tip #4: Instead of a stud finder (didn’t have one handy) we used a magnet.The screw heads are just close enough to the surface that a magnet will be able to connect to them letting you know that your hit your mark.

I’m not sure how Miss Ana-White hung her shelves because we kinda neglected her after we read about half of it. We used 3 anchor screws per shelf, starting with the middle one.  The laser level was used to help align that bad boy in place.


Relax, we are not leaving the shelves like that. They are just temporarily placed pictures until we figure out which pictures get voted off

We aren’t leaving those two shelves alone though. No sir-rie. We are gonna add another set of shelves (2 total) and then another single shelf above where the tv will be mounted.

We’ll catch back with you after we Adam is done building more shelves!

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