Our One Night Stand in the Capitol!

I have an obsession (far too many to actually list, but you will learn soon enough!)
Cherry blossoms.
They are just absolutely gorgeous and the prettiest tree ever I believe.
They make Spring almost worth enjoying…in between the sneezing, itchy eyes, and wheezing.

You can obviously find a million sites about Washington DC Cherry Blossoms and them scattered throughout the US Capitol. They kinda go hand and hand, so I won’t bore you with things you can find anywhere and everywhere.

We have been following this blog for anything to do with the US Capitol, Washington DC, and cherry blossoms. The festival (which draws nearly 2 million a year) was ending on the 13th. The prime time to visit was between the 10th-14th because these girls will only be in their prime those days. Skip to my insanity. LET’S GO MONDAY! TAKE OFF WORK! WE HAVE TO SEE ALL OF THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN WASHINGTON DC…OH AND THE US CAPITOL, BUT MAINLY THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS.
And he gave. Sometimes my insanity works and other times…
Let’s just get to the trip:
Adam took off Monday & Tuesday (this guy NEVER takes off of work. EVER), so that we could see Washington DC saturated in cherry blossoms.
We left at about 10:30-11am and got into Arlington Virginia at around 2-2:30pm.
Let me break this down: We are cheap. I mean cheap. We are smart enough to check reviews on how the room conditions and hotels are (listen, we have tons of horror stories about terrible hotel rooms driving to the Grand Canyon). But we love a good deal.

What is the best thing you can ever get on a vacation? A puppy…yeah I thought so too, but no.

Our room was upgraded!!

We had booked the cheapest of the cheapest rooms and we got a complimentary upgrade to the Penthouse Suite. Who wouldn’t feel like a million bucks after that?

Two flat screen TV’s, a living room area, a wet bar, 1 and a half baths, a king sized bed (albeit, very uncomfortable bed), a shower, and a jacuzzi bath tub.

I mean who could ask for more? 

 Let me give you a grand tour of the place:

Here’s a glimpse of the entryway with the living room, wet bar, and flat screen tv. 
  Onto the bedroom:


Full bath & half bath:


This is just my opinion (not that it matters), but I think we might have been better off sleeping in the jacuzzi all night rather than the bed.

I know you shouldn’t “complain on vacation” (travel advice from Kanye West himself), but another thing was the Metro. Not as good as NYC. Just sayin. There’s definitely more room for improvement.

Back to the thing that matters most: Cherry Blossoms!

We got off of the Metro and walked down to the Tidal Basin. This is the Hub of all things memorials (Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, George Mason Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial)

This is great I thought. Less crowds. More flowers. I cannot wait.

During the time when Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Washington DC, they typically look like this:

This image was found at Nasa.gov.

Well what do you know. The cherry blossoms looked more like this in Washington DC:

Not exactly the glorious bright pink blossoms we were expecting….and disappointment set in, but we tried to make the best of it. The weather killed any chance we had. It was nearing 80 degrees and windy as hellll.

Some cherry blossoms were still kicking throughout in Washington DC and those that were, well they were about as famous as the Lincoln Memorial. People were lining up to take turn taking their pictures under them.



Fortunately, with our thinking caps on we tried to make the best of a bad situation. The day before I had browsed around for things to see in the area (monuments mostly) while we were in Washington DC. So off we went.

We covered major ground on this trip. We saw everything we possibly could in the first day (the second day was supposed to be pouring. We came prepared!) in Washington DC. So here is your intermission. Go ahead, get your bathroom break in now!

First stop was the Jefferson Memorial. We went inside and outside. He’s pretty big. I’m not gonna lie. Check out those few cherry blossoms still hanging around the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC. They had no chance…




The columns were seriously massive. Adam took pictures of me standing next to the columns to get a better idea of how ginormous they were.

We continued our walk around the Tidal Basin and got some pretty good views of the Washington Monument in Washington DC:

Next we went to the Roosevelt Memorial. It was huge. Not huge in a way that the Jefferson Memorial was. It was very long. Rumor has it (or just nps.gov…) apparently each section is dedicated for each term he served, important quotes, and important events that were going on during his presidency (depression, etc). There was actually one tree that appeared to be unscathed by the weather while we were in Washington DC. The blossoms looked like they had just come to life.



Next we went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which was also pretty massive and so different from the other memorials. 



We went to the Washington DC War Memorial, but we weren’t able to go inside it because there was a bride and groom hogging using it for wedding portraits.

Couples Selfie Time:

If anyone knows anything about me, it’s the fact that I completely lack patience. Something that tested my patience this trip was the good ol’ Lincoln Memorial. First of all cherry blossoms? Why are there no cherry blossoms right now in Washington DC? Secondly, you see the Lincoln Memorial in movies, on the television. It’s huge. It’s grand. It’s amazing honestly. And then you see it in person and all you can see is practically 5 million people sitting on the stairs.

Are you that out of shape? Is it that hard to just walk back down and sit on an actual bench? You did the hard part! You walked up the damn steps to see it. Then you stop before walking down? That’s the easiest part. Just keep going!

Now, this is just me, what do I know? But, I’m pretty sure, no in fact I’m positive that when they designed and built the monuments the first thought that went straight to their heads was not “ohhh danggg her butt would be finneeeeee on those stairs” Or “you know what? They have so many benches here for people, lets build some extra stairs here so that there is even more places to park it.”

End Rant. And moving on:


Here’s the view from the Lincoln Memorial. It’s pretty awesome. Notice however, not a cherry blossom in sight over in this area of Washington DC.:

And a few more of the reflecting pool with Washington’s Memorial and the Capitol Building:


And then we became “those people”….running after a non-English speaking person to get them to take a picture of us. Thank God cameras are a universal language.

Next we went to the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. This was Adam’s first experience seeing it. When I was in elementary school a traveling one came to our school, so I was able to get a little glimpse of it before:

 After all of that we ended up walking through Constitution Gardens, which was supposed to be really pretty with cherry blossoms, but obviously at this time Washington DC and cherry blossoms do not go hand in hand. They were gone.

What is a person to do? Our legs were on fire because clearly seeing monuments and memorials means we do not sit at all and walk for hours straight. I couldn’t feel my legs, but I heard they weren’t that important anyway. So finally, we got a hot dog, sat down on a bench and enjoyed the show:
I hear it’s free and they’ll be there all week 😉 !

Break over and then back to memorials

We walked over to the WWII Memorial:


And as you can tell, Adam is slightly prejudice. Where’s a picture of Pennsylvania on there? 

The Washington Monument was pretty tall in person. I can’t speak much for the inside though. They were closed down temporarily.

Our last stop of the day was the White House. This was a challenge to get to since they were closing all entrances to get in there since it was getting late (6:30pm). We didn’t see Obama, which is a pretty good thing since he ALWAYS seems to be following us wherever we go

True story, so we worked in the Grand Canyon in 2009. The day after we left Obama came to the Grand Canyon to sign a new bill or something. In 2010 we worked in Acadia National Park. The park got practically shut down because Obama and his family were there vacationing.


After the White House we took the Metro back to the hotel and ordered a pizza from Extreme Pizza, took a few baths, watched some TV and called it a night.

The next day we heard that it was supposed to rain. I think that was a lie. It poured. It was pretty intense. There were gale winds. Everyone was losing the fight with their umbrellas this day.

We planned to have Tuesday be our museum day because of the rain, but the lines were never ending. Eff that noise. We went to the Smithsonian Museum of American Indian’s and then headed to the Capitol Building hoping to get a glimpse of cherry blossoms while in Washington DC. There was a really beautiful statue inside the museum that I had to take pictures of. You see, I’m a Native American, so I think anythingg American Indian related is generally beautiful:

There were not any cherry blossoms at the US Capitol, but there were a hell of a lot of dark clouds over it. We knew the rain wasn’t gonna hold out on us for too long. Look how dark they were. We took the gamble and ultimately lost, but it was worth it…possibly.

And right after that picture of us….this happened:


You hear the downpour just hit and screams coming from all directions. Everyone was running in different directions to get cover. Everyone outside ran into the nearest place for shelter: Botanical Gardens. We stayed in there for awhile, but the rain was not letting up. We came all this way so we are going to see the Capitol whether we like it or not! And then the rain got worse. It was raining sideways. We were drenched up to our knees and all I could do was laugh. It was the release of a bummer of a trip releasing and just laughing at every unfortunate thing that became of the trip. 

At this point…there is nothing else I could do, but laugh. I’m in flip flops, walking the freezing cold water, in a flooding street, covered in dirt, we came to Washington DC to see cherry blossoms and there were no cherry blossoms to be seen in Washington DC. All I could do was laugh. The wind was picking me and my umbrella up in the air and I thought for a second I was going to be the next Mary Poppins. I was walking in flooding streets, and watching people around me fighting with their flipped inside out umbrellas and all I could do was laugh and think “oh…us tourists!”

It sure was a trip for the books!

At the end of every trip we try to write down at least one good thing that was memorable or that made our trip. My response: the rain. I was so upset about the cherry blossoms not making an appearance while we were in Washington DC, but being hit by gale winds, getting rained on sideways, and having your toes freezing makes it all worth it. I’ve never laughed so hard.

On our way back to the car we managed to see ONE lone kwazan cherry blossom tree while we were in Washington DC!

Well played Washington DC, well played!

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