Apartment Updates

Blog readers, we are slackers. There’s no way around it. We have done pretty much nothing that is worth discussing. This has been a pretty lazy relaxing week for us. Our determination to get our house into tiptop “home-y” shape has been stalled. We just want to do nothing, but relax and enjoy our new found freedom.

Things we did to:

  • Finished those 2 additional wall shelves
  • Mounted the flat screen
  • Doggy bow-tie crafts
  • Decor for the shelves
  • Hanging pictures

We are pretty proud of the effort and research we took to hanging out pictures. In our last place our pictures were hung shamefully. You would get a neck ache from how much you had to turn your head up and down to see them. I’m pretty sure we don’t have any pictures of it and for a good reason. They were just too fabulous to share with the world.

Let’s get visual: We had 4 pictures hung up on the wall and each were not even close the being the same height. Some were 6in to 12in off from one another vertically.
Like I said: fabulous.

My bestie Pinterest came to my side again to help a sista out.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Interiors PL

We Adam started off by hanging this guy!:

We found quite a handy app to use as a laser tool temporarily.

The plan is to put more pictures on each side of places we have traveled to.
Let’s rewind though. This was our first attempt at figuring out how high to hang this picture. Post-its were there to help me choose how high I actually wanted the main picture to be hung:

Obviously it’s a clever idea. Clearly not as cool as this though:


Then he measured the length of the whole wall from door to door to see exactly which was the middle and how high we would like the actual picture to be hung.

After this we put the picture on the wall, leveled it out with the app and it was hung.

In the spare bedroom/dog bedroom/computer room we needed to represent our achievements. He used a ruler and one of the laser tools. The ruler was used to make sure that they were easily spaced

We also hung up a shadowbox with his old MTU license plate from Michigan and his cap and gown. We are going upgrade the background to a nice gold color.
The next goal is the wall in the dining room. This is the progress…we like to move at a snail like pace over here:

For this wall we used ideas we found on Pinterest to perfect the look.

We traced the frames to get the exact dimensions and then we taped them to the wall. Speaking of Hobby Lobby, we got the Happily Ever After sign there for $5 with their coupon!

Adam did his math thing. Measuring the frames and calculating distances to get them perfectly spaced.

Next to the small picture on the top right we are going to have another picture the same exact size and follow the trend of that on the other side below the top left picture.

We are making pretty good progress on the Happily Ever After wall…now the travel wall is another story.


We also forgot that all of this time we have not shown any of you the “backyard”.

The backyard is pretty big. We got very lucky. They also have doody bag areas where you can grab a bag and then trash it afterwards. Unfortunately our dogs do not like to use the bathroom in our spot so we have to take them on mini walks to go.

The community has a playground, a pool, kid pool, a day care, a club house, fitness center, and sauna. Then there is our back patio looking pretty bare so far.

Here is our brand spanking new grill and our…satellite dish.



We have furniture! I was thinking we were gonna end up having to get blow up furniture or hammocks to be able to spend time in our living room, but we decided rubber on the legs doesn’t feel to good, so let’s invest in something a little more comfortable!

We are looking for 2 chairs that we can reupholster and use as accent chairs beside the coffee table. We are also gonna paint/stain the tables. Not big fans of the color.

We will be on the hunt!

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