Apartment As of Now!

It’s Facebook, Blog, and everything else official. We are officially moved out and moved in!

The ever reliable weather man called for rain on Saturday. As everyone already knows, weather men are always right….50% of the time. We were expecting rain, showers, the whole sha-bang. Saturday rolls around here we are. The sun was shining and it was in the mid-50’s. Tank top weather has officially begun! On this day the weather man was my best friend, which doesn’t happen too often.

Adam and I hopped in the car and got the keys at 10:15am. I was exhausted.
Say it with me ex-haus-ted.
I had such a brilliant idea It’s Friday night. We are moving tomorrow morning. We have all of these recorded shows on the TIVO. We only have ONE night to watch Campus PD, Lost, Ghost Adventures, and the list goes on. We recorded them. Someone has to take one for the team and watch them so that they weren’t recorded for nothing. I’ll do it. I’ll take one for the team. So here I am at 3-4am watching shows to catch up, so that they do not go to waste.

And here I am exhausted on moving day because of my “brilliant” idea. I probably could have managed my time better…but that’s besides the point.
Back to the story….After picking up the keys we ran back to my moms house to meet up with Mike. They were gonna get the moving truck.
I’m pretty embarrassing. I have to admit. I am a detail oriented person, yet details always somehow slip my mind. Like the time Adam told me that when Mike pulls up to the house they have to go pick up the moving truck. So what happens? Mike pulls up and I immediately start screaming “PUT THE DOGS IN THE BACK! THE DOGS HAVE TO GO IN THE BACK! WE ARE MOVING!! HELP ME.” Panic in my voice and adrenaline pumping through my veins. We need to get the dogs in the back. If we don’t we can’t move out.

Picture, my mother, brother, and I trying to wrangle up the beasts. We are chasing them, bribing them, calling them for what seems like forever. Finally we get them out back. I run to the front door to tell them that they can come in now. And what do you know? No one is there. They went to pick up the moving truck for the appointment we had set several weeks in advance.

So here we are, dogs crying in the backyard because they have been out “too long”. Let’s be honest, my one dog will only stay out there for a millisecond. I’m hearing cries from dogs that makes it sound like we are the most abusive pet owners in the neighborhood. I’m watching the clock. Why are they not here yet? Do they not know what is happening here? Dogs are barking! Why are they still barking?!
Meanwhile over in Truck Rentalville Adam and Mike still haven’t gotten the truck. And as luck would have it, the truck we rented, you know the 24 footer was stuck behind another truck. THAT truck ended up needing to get jumped because the battery died. Meanwhile I’m clock watching and thinking we are never going to move into our place today. It was only 11:30am, but to me it might as well already be dark out.

After they got home back with the truck we they started moving things right away. I was banned from my ENT from lifting anything over a gallon of milk until I was cleared of hemorrhaging. I think I had the hardest job there was though. I had to guard the stuff outside…I did nothing.

But let me take a selfie:


Many times Adam came out there to find me and I was missing. Wait, what? You didn’t mean I could go out back and yell at the dogs every 5 minutes to shut up?

Here’s a little glimpse of what we had to work with:




This was at the beginning of the move…there was more.

Where did all of this stuff come from? Is that the reason why there was no more room in the attic closet and crawl space were so full? Weird.

Anyway, we got everything moved into the truck. Meatball subs were on the menu for lunch. After that everything got moved in the house. My mother and I were in charge of unpacking. We don’t have actual pictures of the boxes in each room because as soon as they came in we were unpacking instantly.

Here are a few pics though:

Emptiest room. The guest room, dog room, and computer room
The bedroom


Here is the floor plan for those who have not seen it before or don’t remember.

Apartment Layout!

So there’s a few differences from the basic two bedroom and ours. We get 3 things: a vanity, extra closet, and a linen closet. That extra linen closet = heaven. No, really. That was our deal breaker.The extra sink and closet was also pretty nice, but the linen was a must. We have one too many towels.

Entrance and Living Room View:


Another view of the living room and dining room


 We also have two closets used for storage (seen in the bottom left picture). Closets of any kind are my favorite thing (we had a half a closet for too many years at my mom’s place. What we are lacking in kitchen space we are making up for in closet space.

A peak inside the closets.



Next to the dining room is our kitchen. We have some minor plans in the works to build an island to sit along the wall.


Back into the dining room/living room is a small hallway leading to the spare bed, master bedroom, and linen closet. I personally don’t think we have enough towels, but that’s just my opinion.
Straight forward is the tiny linen closet with the bathroom next to it. Other than the toilet paper holder there was no hardware in there at all, so we had to install it all. Storage shelves and all.




If you make a left that leads you into the vanity and our bigger closet in our bedroom.
It’s conjoined with our bedroom.

  Here is our bigger closet.:


Next is our bedroom. This is the room we have done to least in. Ignore the wrinkled, un-ironed curtains. We put them up at 12am in a rush to avoid the early morning sun. Priorities people. Priorities!

Back into the hallway facing the spare bedroom (to the right is where you originally entered in the dining room/living room. But wait! What do we see here? Another closet.


Spare bedroom/Computer Room/Future Dog’s Bedroom



And there your have it! Our humble abode!

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